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Rochester Adams High School

*** SET UP 7:30 - 9:00  Friday night 7:00 -8:30 Saturday morning ***

Saturday,  April 13, 2019   9am -1pm

*** We are again looking for people willing to trade Table space for assistance setting up ***

** Helpers will need to be able to help set up tables and be at the school 5:00 Friday night. **

Next Step Kids Foundation, INC

3200 W. Tienken Road
Rochester Hills, MI 48306

 **ALL Sellers; including vendors; must be checked in on Saturday by 8:00am. **

Table Rental Agreement

*** This is a nut free facility and any sellers found to have peanuts or other nut related items may be be asked to leave. No refunds!***

*** Sellers must FIRST check in before proceeding to your table for set up. ***

            SET UP will be *****NOTE***** 7:30 - 9:00 Friday night.  7:00 -8:30 Saturday morning.  Sellers must be checked in on Saturday by 8:00 a.m.  After 8:00 a.m. your table will be available for others to rent. No refunds will be given for no shows/late arrivals. All unloading must be completed by 8:30 a.m. after which the doors will be locked.   There are no exceptions.

         Sellers are expected to provide their own change and bags.  Next Step Kids Foundation, INC  will not provide these items.  Sellers are also expected to act as their own security for items that they bring to sell.  Next Step Kids Foundation, INC will not be held liable for any lost or stolen items and/or cash for any reason.

            You will be provided a table or space to sell your items from.  You must keep your items in the area assigned to you and not have items protruding out into the walkways where they may cause someone to fall or trip.   We are subject to be inspected by the Fire Marshall.

We now offer several rack rental  options.  These options include rack space, but are limited and available on a first paid basis.

If you bring your own rack, it must fit into the 4 foot space provided. PLEASE measure your rack

Racks, shelving and/or any other item are not allowed behind the table.

           You are responsible for pricing and tagging your own items, and arranging them in an attractive and orderly manner. For more information, see the attached sheet of tips on how to sell your items. Items must be clean.  Clean items with functional batteries sell better

SPECIALTY VENDOR spots are limited and sell out fast!!!   Vendor spaces: as all spaces: are available on a first paid basis.  Sellers with new / sold as new or services will be subject to vendor table prices. (Vendor spaces include, but not limited to handmade bibs, hair bows, jewelry, ect, insurance) no matter the size/number of items displayed could be classified as a specialty vendor.  Individuals that ignore this rule and are found to be displaying a product or service without Next Step Kids Foundation, INC permission may be asked to leave. No refunds!  


Large items area will be available.  Items that do not fit on or under your table MUST be placed in the large item area. The cost is $2 per item.  Drop off only ( if you do not rent a table ) for large items is available @ $3 per item. 

1.  Sellers are required to provide Next Step Kids Foundation, INC with a detailed list of each large item and price upon signing in at set-up.

2.  Each seller is responsible for attaching a provided tag with their name, table #, item #, price and description of the item.

3.  Large items need to be clean with working batteries. We reserve the right to refuse items not in good repair.

4.  Sellers must ensure all items meet Federal Safety Standards. For a list of recalls: No drop side cribs. CARSEATS must have at least one year left before they expire. If no expiration date is present the standard 6 year life span may be used to determine.

5.  You may pick up money/unsold items at 1:00pm. Any items not claimed by 1:30pm will be donated.

6.  The large item area will be supervised at all times, however, Next Step Kids Foundation, INC will not be held responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen items.

Sellers are expected to stay until 1:00 p.m.  Sellers should not begin to pack up their items to leave before 12:45 p.m.  (This is for the sake of those buyers coming at the last minute at the hours advertised).

Sellers are required to clean up their space after the sale. Please be sure to put all trash; empty boxes, plastic bags or items you do not want to take home in the space provided by the front doors.  if unsure where, please ask.

If you wish to donate any item a space will be provide by the main entrance doors and large item area.  If unsure where, please ask.

          Money orders and or cash can be paid all the way up to the day of the event, capacity allowing.

Hand-outs, fliers, booklets and brochures are strictly prohibited unless a registered specialty vendor and all materials must be limited to said products and/or services.

PLEASE NOTE: All children who are brought along with a seller are the sole responsibility of that seller including the replacement of anything they may break or damage. 

NAME:______________________________________________________ PHONE NUMBER: _____________________


Your receipt is your canceled check.  Feel free to email for a status check if you like.

 Your online payment must match below and will include a $3 PayPal fee.  **$5 is for space ONLY.**  OUR racks include space and are available in limited quantities.           

______X $40 each 8 ft table specialty vendor

______X $22 each 8 ft table

______X $5 each BRING YOUR OWN 4ft ( or less ) flat Rack space.

______X $12 3 foot flat T rack.

______X $17 SINGLE 4 ft flat rack

______X $22 3 ft SINGLE ROTATING ROUND rack.

______X $22 DOUBLE 4ft flat rack.

______X $27 3ft DOUBLE ROTATING ROUND rack.

I agree with all the above rules and regulations listed above: SIGN HERE:___________________________________

 .Any questions, please contact Michelle at 586-604-0709  Email at


Mail completed form to:                                                                Payment Options:

       Next Step Kids                 *Personal checks will only be accepted before 2 weeks prior to sale ( due to a bounced check )

       842 Hannah                     **money orders and cashiers checks payable to Next Step Kids  accepted on day

       Troy, MI 48085                     of  sale or before

                                                   ***Please do not send cash in the mail. If you need to pay in cash email me to make arrangements.                       

(On-line payments must still fill out a contract and must include incorporated $3 service fee)
On the web: (can pay with PayPal or credit card through PayPal)

 ****Once your contract and payment are received an email confirmation will be sent****

ALL spaces; including vendor spaces; are available on a first PAID basis

A contract alone will not be sufficient to hold your space.



Table fees are used to help cover the cost of the facility rental, table rental, processing fees, insurance and advertising.  Next Step Kids Foundation, INC need to make sure that these costs are covered before the sale date; therefore, there will be no refunds on table rental fees unless the event is cancelled by me.  We will gladly refund your money if we cancel the event in some unforeseen circumstance.  If you find that you cannot attend the sale, you are more than welcome to find a replacement, and your replacement can reimburse you.  We hope you understand why we have this policy.  We can’t run the sale on promises to pay. 


Next Step Kids Foundation, INC, its affiliates, assigns, and associates involved in this sale are not responsible for the attendance at the sale, traffic to any individual seller table or sales generated by seller.

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